Spirit of Caucasus

“Spirit of Caucasus” is an inspiring, ethnic show from the Caucasus – a mixture of folk songs and dances, of tradition and modernity, atmospherically arranged and interpreted by SEYRAN, the famous Azerbaijani voice poet, his fabulous multicultural band and a fantastic Caucasian dance group. Part of the show, however, are again and again artists from the whole region, e.g. from Georgia, Russia, Dagestan, Azerbaijan or even Turkey, which complement and enrich the eclectic program. The mesmerizing mix of colors, exotic costumes, traditional and modern sounds, and magical light effects not only captivate visitors with Caucasian roots, but also cast a spell over audiences on this side of the Eurasian space. Let yourself be enchanted by the colors and sounds of the region between the Black and the Caspian Sea and feel the joy and the “Spirit of Caucasus”