Magic of the Voice

Our voice accompanies us every day. It is a direct expression of ourselves and our business card. It can sound thin or strong, sound and full-toned, radiating warmth and confidence. Not only at work, but also in private life, a good deal with one’s own voice contributes a lot to the well-being. A voice workshop or personal voice coaching with Seyran therefore offers more than just singing lessons! In addition to voice training, body awareness and relaxation techniques are just as much a part of the educational portfolio as proper breathing. Learning the right breathing techniques helps to properly load the vocal cords and to use the voice permanently powerful and assertive. At the beginning of a vocal coaching therefore stands a common voice analysis and the selection of individually suitable techniques. Seyran Ismayilkhanov has completed his musical education at the well-known Gnessin Institute in Moscow. In addition to his stage career, he has been involved as a coach for many years and offers also choreographic preparation for castings and stage performances.